Yamaha NP-32B 76-Key Portable Piano NP32B NP32
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Yamaha NP-32B 76-Key Portable Piano NP32B NP32

Price: $299.99
  • Item #: NP32B
  • Manufacturer: Yamaha
  • Condition: New
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The Yamaha NP32B Piaggero digital piano is a great solution for those wanting a light, portable and great sounding 76 key piano keyboard. It has Yamaha's legendary stereo sampled grand piano voice that gives true, realistic tone, and the compact dimensions and light weight make this electric piano a truly 'personal' piano.

Upgraded features from the NP31 include USB to Host (vs MIDI), 64 note polyphony (vs. 32), Digital Piano Controller app compatible, song recorder, Hi-MH battery compatibility, auto power off, and it is available in either black or white.

Thanks to its slim, light, and compact design, you can carry the NP32B with one hand. This portable keyboard also features the Yamaha Graded Soft Touch Keyboard, where the lower keys have a heavy touch than the higher keys - just like the acoustic piano.

It also features Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling. AWM sampling is a sampling system that creates authentic wave data that mirrors the sound and expression of the original instrument by using advanced digital technologies. It creates a unique, rich sound by using multiple waveforms.

The NP32B can be used with an optional AC adapter, or 6 AA batteries that provide up to 6 hours use - true portability. It also comes with a function that turns off the power automatically if the keyboard has not been used for a set amount of time (30 minutes) in order to avoid using power unnecessarily.

Other important features of the Yamaha NP32B digital piano include iOS app, highly efficient 6-watt amplifiers, preset songs, 10 voices, metronome, and much more. Call Andy's and order yours today.

Yamaha NP32B 76-Key Keyboard Features:

  • AWM stereo sampled pianos
  • 64 note polyphony
  • 76 graded soft touch keys (GST)
  • Voices: 10 (Piano1, Piano2, E.Piano1, E.Piano2, Organ1, Organ2, Strings, Vibes, Harpsi1, Harpsi2)
  • Volume control, metronome on/off, song bank, voice select
  • Digital piano controller app compatible
  • Reverb: 4 types
  • Dual and layer voices
  • USB to HOST
  • Half damper effect using optional FC3 sustain pedal
  • Operates on 6 AA batteries or optional Yamaha PA150 power supply
  • Auto power off
  • Power adapter optional
  • 2 x 6W amplifiers, 2 speakers
  • Approximately 7000 note recording, 1 song
  • Black finish
  • Included accessories: music rest, owners manual
  • Weight: 13 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 49" W x 4 1/8" H x 10 3/16" D
This unit does not come with ac adapter
On-Stage brand adapter is only $19.95
The Yamaha Survival kit is a great value only $39.99
and you get the authentic Yamaha aca dater, a sustain pedal, headphones, extended warranty and softeware app upgrades


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