Used Kapa Continental 1960's green SOLD OUT

Cool old Kapa guitar from back in the day.  Venniman music was the maker of these from the Washington DC area.  Made in USA.  Small little body like a Mustang or something and it is 25.5 inch scale 22 fret, 2 pickup, 

Guitar is rough
condition selection  is set to poor
sounds come thru pickups
not exactly sure how switches work
a little scratchy on the pots 
The finish is what it is well worn
It has a funky cool Jazzmaster style trem

Not to read you the riot act but....
Lately it seems more and more people want to test us on our terms and policy
We are not going to eat shipping either way if you would like to return a purchase.  Please know that going in.  If you would like to return a purchase not a problem with in our return privilege time and the buyer pays shipping.

Seriously we are as straight forward as it gets.  We are so fricken honest it hurts
We are now to the point that we are having to way under grade  our condition selection to make sure buyers are more then happy with condition.  

Used Kapa Continental 1960's green SOLD OUT
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  • Item #: USEDKAPA
  • Manufacturer: USED MERCH.
  • Condition: Used
Price $499.00
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