Used Hellner1764 Reproduction 4/4 Violin w/ Geared Pegs
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Used Hellner1764 Reproduction 4/4 Violin w/ Geared Pegs

Price: $749.99
  • Manufacturer: USED MERCH.
  • Condition: New
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This is a Hellmer super nice professional violin with real nice pro case, 2 bows, extra strings, extra tuning pegs, shoulder rest, lava soap and more as shown.
This is made to look to be 100's of years old
It has the real nice internal gear pegs so they are super easy to tune with
real nice upgrade strings I can tell at least the high E is a gold string, this is a consignment so we need to get as close to $750 as we can, this came from a local violin shop so it has been set up and made to sound and play perfect, there is 1 long scare maybe a repair all the way across the back.  It is 1 million % solid and stable, it was professionally gone over top to bottom and it is in perfect playing condition.
We know it is hard to buy an instrument like this mail order.  We are pointing out that we offer a fair return policy.

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