USED LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier w/ road case & cover
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USED LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier w/ road case & cover

Price: $999.99
  • Manufacturer: USED MERCH.
  • Condition: Used
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This is in good condition.  I tested it and it works.  They are $1199 new.  This one comes with a $300 to $400 road case.  Still has the cover as well.
This is a consignment so we do not have much room to move on the price.  If you buy it and shipping is way less then the $100 shipping we could do a partial refund in shipping.  We are in Maryland so if it ships to someplace on the east coast maybe it could be less.  If it ships to the west coast shipping could be all of the $100.

This is what we found out about this. 

What you see is what you get.   Acoustic amp, cover and hard case, no extra ft switches or anything.
LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier
It’s in the Baggs! The LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier offers all the high quality sound and capability you need as a solo acoustic performance artist in a small 28lbs package!

”The Acoustic Reference Amplifier blends cutting edge loudspeaker design, two studio quality all discrete preamp channels and a 200W state-of-the-art digital poweramp in a beautiful and durable lightweight enclosure that redefines what is possible in a small portable amplifier.” – LR Baggs

The LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier provides a rich, clear sound that carries and fills space using a patented new 9” honeycomb-diaphram loudspeaker that offers 140 degree range conical sound field at 110dB volume. The one flat diaphram producing all frequencies allows clear and detailed harmonics to align naturally, eliminating crossovers or distortions common in multi-way speakers that can smear or muddy the sound.

The LR Baggs Acoustic Reference Amplifier preamp uses 100% discrete circuitry making it comparable to some of the highest fidelity and performance preamps in the world. LR Baggs has also engineered a custom spring reverb and driver circuit specifically for a reverb effect that they are sure you will love!

The power amplifier is a cutting edge 200 Watt Digital high fidelity amp creating a warm, transparent sound that offers ample power to deliver all the colorful, yet demanding dynamics of your acoustic guitar.

Why LR Baggs? Even after winning multiple Acoustic Guitar magazine Players Choice Gold Awards and two consecutive MIPAs (the music products industry’s Oscar) for best pickups, best preamps, and most popular guitar performance gear manufacturer, LR Baggs continues to push the cutting edge in guitar amplification each year in an endeavor to use the talents and opportunities God has given them. LR Baggs’ success principles come right out of the Bible, from the way they treat their employees and customers, to the way they accord themselves in public, and of course to the care they put into the design and manufacture of their products. Their goal is to create exciting products that will encourage, motivate and inspire you, their customer, as a way of saying "Thank You" for your business.

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