Paracho Elite Vihuela Solid Tacote Top B-Stock
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The Vihuela is a small, deep-bodied rhythm guitar similar to the Guitarron. It provides strumming and double-stringed plucking rhythms and chordal accompaniment to the Mariachi ensemble. 

The Vihuela measures 31” high and 6-1/4” deep. It is available with a “Traditional” nylon tie fingerboard or a brass fretted fingerboard. It is tuned A-D-G-B-E, the A, D and G are tuned one octave above a guitar, giving the instrument a ukulele-like quality.

Ornate sound hole rosette & binding
• Solid Tacote top
• Clear gloss finish
• Cedar back and sides
• Rosewood fingerboard
• Geared machine heads Specify frets or nylon ties.

UPC: 843544001399

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  • Item #: vihuelabstock
  • Manufacturer: Paracho Elite
  • Condition: New

Paracho Elite Vihuela Solid Tacote Top B-Stock

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