Olds French Horn Double Outfit FH580
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Olds French Horn Double Outfit FH580

Price: $2,249.00
  • Item #: FH580
  • Manufacturer: Olds
  • Condition: New
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The Olds FH580 Double Horn offers both solid quality and versatility for the intermediate to advanced student player. It’s an excellent choice for a first double horn. The small throat 12” yellow brass bell allows for a brilliant tone and responsiveness to players of varying skill levels.


FH580 also features a rose brass leadpipe and all nickel silver outside tubes. All keys are connected to the valves via mechanical linkage for durability and minimal maintenance along with ball joints for superior key action. Includes durable ABS plastic case, #11 mouthpiece and a 10 year limited warranty-the best in the industry!

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