Olds Euphonium 4-Valve Outfit NA380
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Olds Euphonium 4-Valve Outfit NA380

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The euphonium is a conical-bore, tenor-voiced brass instrument. The euphonium is a valved instrument. The euphonium derives its name from the Greek word euphonos, meaning "well-sounding" or "sweet-voiced". A person who plays the euphonium is sometimes called a euphoniumist, euphophonist, or a euphonist. Similarly, the instrument itself is often referred to as eupho or euph.

The bore of a euphonium is relatively large and strongly conical, making the sound of the instrument dark and rich. The range of the instrument is similar to that of the baritone or trombone, however, low notes are generally better in quality than on the smaller-bore instruments.

The tone color of the euphonium is the most mellow in the brass band (with the possible exception of the flügelhorn). A comparison of the timbre of the upper and lower groups of B-flat instruments shows that each group has a bright, moderate, and dark member.

The euphonium is the principal tenor voice of the brass band. Its role is similar to that of the cello in a symphony orchestra. The classic brass band format has two euphoniums, with the part being frequently divided. The euphonium is also extensively used as a solo instrument, second only to the cornet.

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