Ohana Ukuleles CK-KIT Concert

Ohana Ukuleles CK-KIT Concert
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  • Item #: CKKIT
  • Manufacturer: Ohana
  • Condition: New

The CK-Kit was made for those who are looking to push the boundaries of creativity and personal expression. It invites exploration to create a ukulele that is as distinctive as you are. The CK-Kit comes with an unfinished concert ukulele that is partially assembled, providing you with a perfect base to create a model that matches your personality.


Each Kit includes:

  • 4 tuners (2L + 2R)
  • 1 bridge
  • Strings
  • 1 saddle
  • 1 nut
  • 1 bridge decoration
  • 4 bushings
  • 3 black screws (for bridge)
  • 8 silver wood screws


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Price $69.00

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