Moongel Damper Pad Set Of 4
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Moongel Damper Pad Set Of 4 RTOM Moongel Dampening Gels effectively control unwanted camera vibrations during flight. Originally designed for drum use, self-adhesive Moongels can be repurposed to stick to the surface of your quad and effectively limit jello-ing and vibration. By simply attaching the gel pad to your camera set-up, you'll eliminate unwanted reverberation and maintain a steady shot during flight. Moongel damper pads are washable and retain their stickiness for years of service. Use them over and over again. Moongel Damper Pads are made from a soft non-toxic gel, and come in a 4-pack plastic canister.
  • Item #: MG-4
  • Manufacturer: Victor Litz Mus
  • Condition: New

Moongel Damper Pad Set Of 4

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