Mackie Thump18S Active 1200w 18" Subwoofer
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Mackie Thump18 Active 1200 watt 18" Subwoofer The Mackie Thump18S 18"Powered Subwoofer features a high-output woofer with 1200 watts of power, you get the high bass output you need in a package that is designed to be tough and portable. Featuring a built-in crossover at 140 Hz, stereo high-pass outputs and full-range outputs, the Thump18S allows you to connect top speakers and additional subwoofers without any extra hardware. Using efficient Class-D amplification and a dynamic bass frequency response, the speaker is designed to deliver a clear and present low end at any volume. Mackie Thump18S Features •Professional band-pass design for maximum output and deep, room-filling lows •Tuning filters deliver highly accurate bass response •Robust system protection •Dual XLR inputs for mono or stereo applications •Stereo high-pass outputs optimize sound when connecting top boxes •Stereo full-range outputs perfect for adding more subwoofers •User-adjustable level and polarity controls •Easily mount your full-range loudspeaker via pole cup

Thump 18S

UPC: 663961041774

  • Item #: THUMP18S
  • Manufacturer: Mackie
  • Condition: New

Mackie Thump18S Active 1200w 18" Subwoofer

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