Mackie EM-USB Studio USB Condenser Microphone w/ Pro Tools
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The Element Series EM-USB USB Condenser sets the standard in professional, affordable microphones for home recording enthusiasts, live streaming, podcasts, and online content creation.Its audio reproduction rivals mics many times more expensive. Onboard controls for gain, mute, and headphone monitoring volume make it extremely versatile.Also, the included tripod mount makes it easy to capture great recordings anywhere.

FEATURESPROFESSIONAL QUALITY • Voiced for the studio, built for the road, priced for your walletUSB-C CONNECTIVITY • Onboard USB interface plugs directly into your computer for fast, easy recordingONBOARD HEADPHONE MONITORING • Headphone output with independent volume control offers a convenient monitoring solutionONBOARD GAIN CONTROL AND MUTE • Optimize the microphone’s output to your computer and/or DAW • Mute button allows you to switch off the mic while still hearing your computer’s outputRUGGED CONSTRUCTION • Built-like-a-tank™ reliability ensure consistent performance for years to comeYOUR NEW CONTENT CREATION GO-TO • Engineered for recording music, podcasts, live streams, and online content creationCARDIOID POLAR PATTERN • Rejects peripheral noise to keep your performance crystal clearINCLUDED ACCESSORIES • Tripod stand • Mic clip • USB-C cable


UPC: 663961059328

  • Item #: emusb
  • Manufacturer: Mackie
  • Condition: New

Mackie EM-USB Studio USB Condenser Microphone w/ Pro Tools

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