Kala Concert Acacia w/Cedar solid Top KAACPCTG
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Kala Concert Acacia w/Cedar solid Top KAACPCTG

Price: $259.99
  • Item #: KAACPCTG
  • Manufacturer: KALA
  • Condition: New
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The Cedar top features strong projection and a deep tone that works in perfect harmony with the resonant Acacia back and sides.

A striking red Padauk binding surrounds the Cedar top, and lends


This gloss finish, solid cedar top Kala concert ukulele is a real beauty. There are just so many good points about it, we could just start with the conclusion - the Kala KA-ACP-CTG may have an awful name (even by Kala's standards), but wow, is it good. It has such a fine voice, it really sings, and sings loudly. It doesn't look bad either, and plays well, giving the Kala KA-ACP-CTG concert ukulele high marks on visual appeal, playability and superb sound.

This Kala concert has a 14 and 7/8 inch scale length, with 18 silver nickel frets on a rosewood fingerboard. The fingerboard is bound with red coloured Padauk wood, a nice feature which continues on the body and the soundhole rosette. These touches are impressively decorative, without being fussy and spoiling the warm colour of the tightly grained solid cedar top. The acacia back and sides complete the picture, along with a high satin finish. Very smart indeed.

The Kala KA-ACP-CTG has a nubone nut and saddle, simulating animal bone and giving more ring to the strings than the plastic bits that adorn many cheaper ukes. The nut width is 1 and 3/8 inches, and this uke features a slotted headstock with seriously good chrome vintage tuners by Grover. While the looks are important and the playability is good, ultimately what you want a ukulele for is the sound. And the KA-ACP-CTG really delivers. The volume is well above average, with a lovely rounded tone that has warmth, but still really projects, thanks in part to the fitted Aquila strings. Cedar is traditionally a warmer-sounding tonewood, and that is evident with this uke (although interestingly the same uke in tenor size is much brighter and even more powerful than this one, without some of the rolling warmth that this concert uke delivers).


Play this in a your ukulele club, or in a band and you'll certainly be able to hear yourself over the others, and it'll be a sound you'll be proud of!

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