KHDK ElectronicsScuzz Box Fuzz Effects Pedal sku khdksb
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KHDK ElectronicsScuzz Box Fuzz Effects Pedal sku khdksb

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  • KHDK Scuzz Box Fuzz Effects Pedal Fuzz makes your signal overdriven, dirty and massive.
  • Higher settings increase the distortion and sustain of tone. Lower settings have great dynamics and pick sensitivity.
  • Deep controls the amount of lows going into the Scuzz Box and dramatically influences the overall dynamics, defining the character of the tone before the gain stage.
  • It allows you to match your guitar, pedal and amp to harmonize as a perfect trio.
  • Deep determines whether the tone is fat and massive or overdrive-like with a In its acid yellow and purple enclosure the KHDK Scuzz Box is inspired by the best fuzz pedals throughout the generations, taken to the next level
  • The Scuzz Box shines in two distinct modes: Scuzz and Fuzz The Fuzz mode is your go-to, highly listenable sound with top-notch fuzz Designed to shine through and stand out, this mode is perfect for soloing and long wailing tones, clear enough even for power chords

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