J.Julian 1900-S Offset Body With 3 P-90s Electric Guitar w/ Case
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J.Julian 1900-S Offset Body With 3 P-90s Natural

Beautiful offset style guitar hand built in Maryland!

Our first model, the 1900, is a combination of my 3 favorite guitars – the Fender Stratocaster©, the Fender Telecaster©, and the Washburn N4 – if you know your guitars you can probably spot the design elements I drew from. By combining the elements I love best from all 3, the 1900 is a simply-appointed yet well-built, reliable workhorse that can rock out with the best of them.

Model 1900-S (3 soapbar) Brand new J.Julian Model 1900-S. Plays like a dream with effortless bends! Features a trio of McNelly P90 Soapbars that scream all the rock and roll grit & growl you expect from soapbars and more! Silky smooth & fast "Modern C" neck carve that start at .875" at the 1st fret, and works its way to .90" at the 7th before flattening out at the 12th fret (but staying at .90") for shredding at the higher frets. Set up to Fender specs with 10 gauge strings. Additional specs as follows, ships with hardshell case.

• McNelly P90 Soapbars with 5-way switch
• Nickel Schroeder TL Half Bridge with upgraded solid brass saddles
• Quartersawn maple neck with pau ferro fretboard & headstock cap and sapele backstrap & heel block
• Solid sapele body
• Polished unbleached solid bone nut
• Jescar medium jumbo nickel silver frets; 10" fretboard radius
• Sterling silver fretboard and side dot inlays
• Osmo Polyx-Oil finish; light gloss on body and satin neck for smooth, fast playability
• Well balanced at 7 lbs. 4 oz.


J.Julian Guitars was founded in 2015 with a mission of always striving for excellence in workmanship while working to build a reputation for quality. All electric guitars are hand made in Maryland using the finest natural materials and hardware, with the goal of providing top quality, functional guitars for the working musician.

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  • Item #: 1900s
  • Manufacturer: J.Julian Guitars
  • Condition: New

J.Julian 1900-S Offset Body With 3 P-90s Electric Guitar w/ Case

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