Guild A150 2019 white w gold hw LTD 1 of 8 built salesman demo

Price: $1,499.99
  • Item #: A150LTD
  • Manufacturer: GUILD
  • Condition: New
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This is a Guild A150 however it is a limited run kind of thing.  It is a Guild A150 with gold hardware, upgraded rhythm chief #1100 pickup with adjustable pole pc's, bound neck, binding on body, fingerboard inlays, Grover Imperial tuners, rosewood bridge and fingerboard.  It is open box, first quality not a B stock so full warranty.  If you see any signs of someone having played this that IS the way it should be.  If you want another one new in a box untouched you will not find onw.  Only 8 in the world.  Complete with deluxe hard shell Guild case.

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