Gibson 1980 Les Pual Heritage 80 Elite with Case sold

Gibson 1980 LP Heritage Elite sold

The Heritage series LP’s were made in limited numbers between ’80 and 82.  These were the closest thing to the ‘59 LP’s in 20 years – although not clones of a “burst.”  They tried very hard to get the pick up tone correct and enlisted Tim Shaw to do his best. The Shaw p/u’s are sought after and key to the value of these guitars.
The heritage 80 was plainer and had rosewood fret board.  
The “elite” model features a one piece Mahogany neck, ebony board and a beautiful Quilted Maple top. 
(there was an “award” model too – very rare).
This one was made in 1980 and is unmolested except the bridge and tail piece have been upgraded however the originals are in the case.   The customer we got this from had photographic evidence when he purchased it., they sound correct. .  
According to an identified guide found on the www.
“Shaw's have white plastic spacers, a rough cast U O A 5 magnet, bobbins without the "T" that had been used for more than a decade on the T-top humbuckers and the correct square hole in the bobbin.   Penny copper colored wire on the bobbins, black and white lead wires coming from the bobbins,  the resistance will measure close to 7.5 Ohms when checked with a meter, they have base plates embossed with patent number same as the later T-tops, and some Shaw's also have an ink stamp on the base plate, but the later ones don't have the ink stamp.”
You can find a few Heritage Elite examples for sale on Reverb right now.
This is a consignment and we are only asking $6000 where other examples are asking even more. This guitar sis set up and plays 100% great. It has some belt buckle rash some small dings and dents. We will grade this to be a 7.5 out of 10. We know others high end vintage guys would grade this higher. Please see all photos and ask all questions. Thanks for looking . Victor Litz Music


Gibson 1980 Les Pual Heritage 80 Elite with Case sold
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