Fishman Loudbox Mini Charge 60-watt 1x6.5" Battery Powered Amp

Price: $529.95
  • Item #: PROLBC500
  • Manufacturer: FISHMAN
  • Condition: New
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It is a portable, battery-powered amplifier designed to faithfully reproduce the sound of acoustic instruments and a diverse assortment of vocal or recorded accompaniments. A powerful, rechargeable battery, combined with unique power management circuitry, is specifically designed to maximize output levels and playing time.

With the addition of Bluetooth® wireless connectivity, you can now easily and neatly add backing tracks or other accompaniment to your performances, jams, or wherever your Loudbox Mini Charge takes you and your music.


Battery-Powered – 12 hours of performance at average volumeBluetooth® Connectivity – easily pair your Bluetooth® device2 Channels – dedicated instrument 1/4″ input and XLR mic inputReverb & Chorus – reverb is assignable to both channels, independent chorus control for instrumentBattery Life Indicator – simple color-changing light on the front panelMaster Volume – global control for your mixPhase Control – improve bass at low volume and suppress feedback at high volumesD.I. Output – post EQ output sends all signals to a mixing console1/8” Aux Input – easily connect devices with a standard aux cableLightweight & Portable – 21.2 lbs (9.6kg)


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