Fender Accessory Kit, Strat®, Black #: 0991363000
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Change the look of your Stratocaster easily and affordably with a Stratocaster Accessory Kit. Contains volume and tone control knobs, pickup switch tip and tremolo arm tip, tremolo backplate and pickup covers (pickup covers do not fit SCN™, N3™ and Noiseless™ pickups).

Model Name
Accessory Kit, Stratocaster®, Black
Model #
Knobs, Kits, and Pickup Covers
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Accessory Kit, Stratocaster®, Black MODEL #: 0991363000 UPC #: 717669448240 SAP NAME: BLACK ACCESSORY KIT STRAT

  • Item #: Fender Accessory Kit, black
  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Condition: New

Fender Accessory Kit, Strat®, Black #: 0991363000

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