Fender 1950's American Original Stratocaster white blonde w/case

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  • Item #: 0110112801
  • Manufacturer: Fender
  • Condition: New
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We just got this in 3-28-2018
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This on weighs in at 9.2 lbs
Semi to sharp not real sharp but definitely V neck 

We opened this up,took pictures of it and put it right back in the box.  So it will not be on display in our store.  

When we released the Stratocaster in 1954, we didn’t set out to create a classic—but we did. The Stratocaster’s sleek style, articulate sound and plethora of innovations redefined electric guitar and opened up a brave new world of musical possibilities. The American Original ‘50s Stratocaster maintains Fender’s legendary original-era style and ground-breaking tone, while adding modern feel and pickup switching.

  • Alder or ash body (White Blonde only) with lacquer finish
  • Three Pure Vintage '59 single-coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Thick "Soft V"-shaped neck profile; 9.5"-radius fingerboard
  • Vintage-style hardware; six-point synchronized tremolo bridge
  • Includes vintage-style hardshell case

The nitrocellulose lacquer finish not only lets the body breathe with its true tonal character, it also ages and wears in a distinctively personal way.


American Original instruments feature specially voiced pickups crafted to reproduce the authentic sound and performance of individual model years.


The thick “Soft V”-shaped neck slightly smooths the sharpness of a “V” profile, rounding it out so it’s more comfortable for rhythm and lead playing.


Original-era fans can rest assured every curve and line of the body and neck are accurate to the historic originals.


From the bridge to the string tree and tuning machines, every piece of hardware is just like the original.


This 9.5”-radius fingerboard is slightly flatter than a vintage-style 7.25” radius, providing a comfortable fret-hand feel. Vintage-tall frets make it easier to bend notes without fretting out.

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