Epiphone Casino Unfinished Guitar Build w/ Case
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Unfinished Epiphone Casino with Deluxe Case for project/ build your own guitar.

We made a special purchase on 6 of these just like this with case

This may have been from the Epiphone John Lennon inspired models or something

The case looks like it is a rare case released for the limited edition 50th Anniversary models only!

Guitar may be an unfinished 1961 Casino reissue based on the case it came in.

What you see is what you get

We do have some Epiphione humbuckers we can sell for $20 each 2 for $30 6 for $75

selling as is as projects

they are Casinos so if you need specs please look up what Casions are thats what they are if that make sense

If you want more then one we will make you a deal.

  • Item #: CasinoUnfinished
  • Manufacturer: Epiphone
  • Condition: New

Epiphone Casino Unfinished Guitar Build w/ Case

Price: $499.99
Availability: call for availability
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