ESP Tone Springs (Set of 5)
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The good folks over at the ESP Custom Lab realized the extra tone additional springs add to your guitar and developed a set of special springs which allows you to use FIVE (yes FIVE!!) springs on a guitar with a floating trem. Using a special composite metal that is both strong and flexible, the Tremolo Tone Springs allow you to gain the added tone benefits of extra springs but with the same buttery smooth trem action as a guitar with 2-3 springs.

While it is hard to believe, it makes sense scientifically when you consider that each spring is responsible for transferring energy from your trem/string to your guitars body. Think of each spring as a highway lane and the string energy(the vibrations) as being cars. By increasing the number of highway lanes(more springs) you can transfer more cars(or in our case more string energy to the body).

  • Item #: esptonesprings
  • Manufacturer: ESP
  • Condition: New

ESP Tone Springs (Set of 5)

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