Acoustic B25C Classic Bass Combo Amp 25-Watt
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The Acoustic B25C is the perfect 25-watt combo amp for the bass player who needs enough power for practice and rehearsal, but wants extra features not usually found in this price class. It features a 25-watt power section and an 8” Custom Ferrite speaker that provides enough volume for practicing or performing with the band on stage in small venues. A tilt-back cabinet feature directs your sound off the floor for better monitoring.

A 3-band EQ boosts or cuts low, mid and high frequencies, while a "Shape" switch gives you additional mid-range tonal adjustment. Controls also include an overdrive circuit with a blend feature that lets you custom-tailor your sound even further. There are connections for headphones and a convenient Auxiliary input for listening to audio files while you practice.



  • 25 Watts of power
  • 8” Custom ferrite speaker for classic Acoustic tone
  • Tilt-back cabinet design ensures superior monitoring
  • Adjustable Overdrive Circuit with Blend control
  • 3-Band EQ for precise tone control
  • 1/8” Headphone out allows for private practice
  • 1/8” Aux input for external music devices
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  • Item #: b25c
  • Manufacturer: Acoustic
  • Condition: New

Acoustic B25C Classic Bass Combo Amp 25-Watt

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